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CABIN & INTERIOR FITTINGS Barrel bolts, Cupboard fittings, Fixings, Fastenings, Hooks, Hinges, Handles, Hasps, Sealants



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If using the search box you will get different results for simple changes of entry, so that 'SKIN' & 'SKIN FITTING', will return slightly diffferent results, and 'SKIN FITTINGS' (plural) will return nothing!

Usually the shorter the search term, the more will be included.  Also the '%' key is a very powerful wildcard character which can help when you are not sure of a correct name or description.   So 'BAS%' will include 'basins' 'bases.' 'basket' etc. in the results.   The '%' key is very useful in searches and can be used before and/or after a search term..  

Cupboard & wardrobe fittings Coathooks Stainless steel hinges
Curtain rods & rings, rod brackets Steel hinges for welding Foam strip, Crack sealant, Silicone sealant
Barrel bolts, Cabin hooks, Hasps & Staples, Toggle Catches Continuous (piano) hinge Brass woodscrews
Window & Skylight stays Brass & Chrome hinges Stainless Steel woodscrews
Lifting Rings, Box Handles Nylon hinges Stainless Steel self tap screws



ELECTRICAL VOLTAGES Our range includes a large number of electrical items. These are designed for use in boats or other recreational vehicles where the voltage is usally 12v DC or possibly 24v DC. The goods are always described with the appropriate voltage. Some goods are designed for use at mains voltage, which is always the normal UK supply of 220/240v AC.

CARRIAGE CHARGES AND CONDITIONS OF CARRIAGE Do you live in the Isle of Wight, The Channel Islands, Nothern Ireland, Scottish Islands and Highlands?  Then special carriage charges over and above the charges shown at the checkout may apply if we have to use a carrier (but not if using Royal Mail parcel post).   Also some exceptional goods (odd dimensions, very heavy etc) will carry a carriage surcharge, identified by the blue 'C' icon (see above for more information)

PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING - There are some products whose value is high, but whose size and weight is minimal, and can be sent for less than the charge calculated by our website! Equally, very small items can often be sent at minimal cost.   If you are ordering such goods, please be assured we will, at our own discretion, override the website and lower the postage costs accordingly if we feel it is appropriate to do so.

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