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240v neon ind, chrome bezel, Amber

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240v neon ind, chrome bezel, Amber
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This NEON indicator is built into a neat body with a polished chrome bezel, with a rear fixing nut. Ready to panel mount and connect directly across any 240v AC circuit. Very useful for use as indicators in control panels, switch panels, or similar applications. NOTE, the transparent body separates from the coloured shell, making fixing much easier. Hold each part and gently twist and they will separate quite easily. Overall length when assembled 30mm. Coloured shell 20mm long, transparent body 10mm long excluding the bulb. The bulb projects about 11mm from the transparent body. Front lens diameter 7mm. Mounting thread M6, mounting hole 6.3mm (1/4") diam. MAX panel thickness 6.0mm Connection by leads approx 150mm long. Connection is NOT polarity conscious, will work connected either way round. Works when connected across live and neutral, or live and earth. Seek help from a qualified electrician if you don't understand these things. weight 3gms
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