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Pressure Switch, adjustable

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Pressure Switch, adjustable
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This switch is suitable for Industrial or Domestic use, or in leisure vehicles and boats.    Switch rated 250v AC  16(10)A.    50/60Hz    1 - 5bar

In leisure vehicles and boats, many water pumps are set to run at up to 30psi whilst experience shows that most water systems will work quite satisfactorily at 12 to 15psi. Running at far higher pressure than is needed just causes uneccessary wear & tear on the pump and its valves, strain on pipework joints leading to leakages, and strain on calorifier bodies leading to premature failure.

Use of this switch will greatly extend pump life and reduce the likelihood of water system failures. Strongly recommended for 'live aboards'. Will operate as low as 9psi 'cut in', and 13.5psi 'cut out', but fully adjustable from there upwards!

Connect the input port to the water pipework downstream of the pump (put a tee piece in the water pipe, then run from the branch of the tee to this switch).  Then disconnect the wires from the pumps own pressure switch and connect them to this switch. If using this switch we recommend also installing pressure gauge PRG060A so you can see what pressures you have set up. Has a 1/4"bsp female connection for the pipework. Connect to pipework using small bore hose or pipe. Connection diagram and instructions included.

Large spring adjusts the pressure.   Small spring adjusts the 'differential'.

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