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Propex LPG heater, HS2000V1 'Heatsource' - vehicle kit, single outlet

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Propex LPG heater, HS2000V1 'Heatsource' - vehicle kit, single outlet
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This version of the Propex HS2000 heater is designed for VEHICLE USE ONLY.  Must not be installed on boats (see Marine version for boat installation)

General - The HS2000 is supplied as standard with a solid state electronic thermostat which automatically switches the unit on and off to maintain the desired temperature. When the room temperature drops below the selected level, the Heatsource will automatically ignite and run until the cabin reaches the selected temperature. The thermostat is an easy to fit surface mount design and integrates with the new electronics fitted to the HS2000 heater. Current consumption during ignition is minimal. so cycling the Heatsource on and off does not cause excessive battery drain.

Efficiency - With forced air combustion and the Propex two stage stainless steel heat-exchanger, the HS2000 is a clean and highly efficient way to heat your boat. Combustion air is taken from outside and passed into the combustion chamber to mix with the gas, and is ignited automatically. Combustion heats up the large surface area heat exchanger. The Heatsource is totally room sealed and all products of combustion discharge externally through the neat 22mm i.d. stainless steel flue pipe. Cabin air is re-circulated around the other side of the heat exchanger where it picks up the heat of combustion. The HS series heaters use high a quality motor and fan and innovative current reducing electronics, so that the unit draws only 1.4amps during normal operation.

Quiet Operation - Propex heaters are designed to be quiet in operation without compromising air throughput and heat output. There will always be some air noise from a system that produces a healthy throughput of air, but by using high quality balanced fans and smooth enclosed motors with ball race bearings, noise is kept to a minimum. Noise is also unaffected by high battery voltage, which can occur when, for instance, alternators, battery charges, solar panels etc are in use. The micro-processor electronics ensure the fan speed does not alter from 10 to 15 volts.

Installation - The HS2000 is supplied with a complete fitting kit to suit a vehicle application. The 22mm i.d. nylon combustion air inlet and stainless exhaust outlet ducts are supplied as standard lengths of 0.75m for vehicles.  The blown hot air is ducted to the single outlet through tough highly flexible 60mm ducting, supplied as a single 1m length. There is 1 fixed open directional outlet fitting, along with 1 further fixed directional fitting for use as an air intake into the cupboard or bedbox in which the heater is fitted. 

Safety - As a room sealed appliance, the heater is intrinsically safe. It meets all requirements of the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD) and the Boat Safety Scheme (BSS). Heatsource blown air heaters conform to the latest European standards for both the appliance and the electronics, and comply with an enhanced version of the Electro Mechanical Compatibility Directive to ensure they do not interfere with other electronics and that they are immune from interference by other electronics. The intelligent electronics are continuously monitoring the operation of the heater to make sure everything is operating correctly and safely. This includes monitoring of the flame, case temperature, combustion airflow, gas solenoid valve and voltage. Should any of these stray outside of the predetermined levels, the heater will be switched off and the red light on the thermostat will indicate a fault by flashing a certain number of times.

Specifications - Heat input 2.1kW *Heat output 1.9kW *Voltage 12v *Current consumption 1.4A continuous running *Air throughput 60cfm *Fuel Propane or Butane LPG *Sizes (Heater body) 320mm long 172mm wide 100mm deep

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Additional Information

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