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Sterling Alternator to battery charger, 12v,210amp

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Sterling Alternator to battery charger, 12v,210amp
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This device performs a split charging function between starter and auxiliary batteries, whilst ensuring a full charge of the auxiliary batteries by electronic amplification of the auxiliary output.

Suitable for most American Vehicles and most Marine and other engines with an auxiliary battery bank which needs enhanced charging.

NOT suitable for modern vehicles/vans sold in Europe (Ford, VW, Merc, Renault, Citroen etc) and Japanese vehicles which have the new Euro Regenerative braking control systems fitted to the vehicle (so called 'smart' alternators'). For these vehicles you must use the Battery to Battery charger range of products.

The output from one (or two) alternators can be connected to the input, and 2 isolated outputs are provided. The first output gives standard voltage and charge for the starter battery. The second output is amplified and electronically controlled to produce an output similar to that of a sophisticated mains charger. The voltage is taken to a higher level initially before returning to a safe float level.

Fitting is simple and requires no alteration to the alternator(s). Therefore no alternator warranty issues.

Suitable for boats or vehicles with an auxiliary battery bank which needs enhanced charging.

Model AB12210 is 12v input and can handle alternator outputs of up to 210amps.

Optional remote control available having 2 shunts which can measure current. Must be ordered separately pt.no. ABRC

Size 250mm long x 280mm wide x 70mm deep

Packed weight approx 3.5kg


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Additional Information

SKU AB12210